Dahlia Eternal Circle Jade Necklace 1092


Real Grade A Certified Burma Jadeite for Inner Peace



  • VALUABLE & SYMBOLIC PRECIOUS STONE: Burma jadeite jade is the most expensive variety of jade. Its value has increased dramatically over the past few decades.  It is believed to bring fortune, contain healing powers, and ward off evil.
  • CERTIFIED REAL GRADE A JADE: Dahlia’s jade is certified by China’s National Testing Center, a GIA equivalent, and can be instantly verified online. Grade A means the jade is natural, chemical free, and safe to wear, as opposed to Grade B and C.
  • HISTORICAL SENTIMENTAL SYMBOL: The bi disc symbolizes for the celestial life and the center hole represents a gateway to eternal life, symbolizing harmony and inner peace in Chinese culture for thousands of years. Suitable for everyone.
  • EASY TO FOLLOW QUALITY RATINGS: Since jade is a very complicated gemstone to price, Dahlia has developed a grading system incorporating factors such as color, transparency, texture, cut and weight. The higher the Q number, the better the quality.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Dahlia has been based in NYC for 20+ years, providing top-notch service with a 99% Amazon customer satisfaction rating. We offer quick deliveries, fast turnaround, and a no-questions-asked return policy.


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